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  • Evaluations are completed in one day with rare exceptions (i.e., client becomes ill during the session or attention is too poor to complete it in one day).

  • Evaluation appointments average 7 hours including interview, breaks, and feedback, but may take longer.  Plan to spend the whole day.  Supplemental testing and consultation appointments may be shorter.

  • Verbal results are provided to client/parents right after the evaluation is completed, or a second appointment can be scheduled for feedback if parents do not want the child to wait alone during that time. 

  • A comprehensive written report is mailed to the home following the appointment day.  A second copy is provided for clients to share with the school, employer, or whomever they choose.

  • The highest security standards are followed in using electronic   administration of the test measures and with report writing.  Files are encrypted.

  • Phone communication is preferred to e-mail because of security concerns with e-mail; information we discuss is considered protected healthcare information.

  • Without written authorization from the client/parents, Dr. Watson cannot communicate about the client or his/her test results with anyone, including school personnel, tutors, employers, etc., except when legally mandated to do so.

  • All paperwork, including intake questionnaire, informed consent, policies and procedures, report cards, and copies of any standardized test results and IEPs/IEP reports, must be received by Dr. Watson prior to the day of scheduled appointment.  These should be mailed as paper copies rather than e-mailed due to security concerns.

  • The fee for services is payable at the time of appointment via cash, debit, or credit card.  Regrettably, personal checks cannot be accepted.  If preferred, two payments of 50% each can be made with one processed at time of scheduling and the rest due at the appointment. 

  • Services offered by Dr. Watson include comprehensive psycho- educational assessments, supplemental testing, consultation regarding school-based testing, assisting with appeals to standardized testing boards, classroom observation, and parent coaching.  Contact Dr. Watson to discuss the specific services needed to determine pricing.  A comprehensive assessment is billed at a flat rate, and other services are billed by the hour, including record review and report writing time.  Time spent in person will be payable at the appointment, as applicable, and record review and report writing time will be logged precisely and billed by the .25 hour to the credit card provided.  Payment must be received prior to release of the report.

  • Dr. Watson's services do NOT include any legal work, such as advocacy, forensic evaluations, custody evaluations, or expert testimony.  In the case of unavoidable, third party-initiated cases at which Dr. Watson is legally required to testify, the fee is $350.00 per hour which applies to records review, preparation time, school visits, travel time, time spent at the hearing or trial, and all other related tasks and activities.  Time will be estimated as closely as possible at the outset and payment must be received in advance.  At the close of the process, any additional time spent will be billed and any unused time will be refunded.  

  • A credit card number may be taken at the time of scheduling to hold the appointment.  If you cannot attend your scheduled appointment, 24 hour notice of cancellation is required (excluding holidays and weekends).  If 24 hour notice is not provided and you do not attend the appointment, a $200 cancellation fee will be charged to the card that was provided at time of scheduling for missed consultation appointments, and a $400 fee will be charged for missed psychoeducational assessment appointments. 


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